AD specific queries

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Who can approve an extension of the compliance time for an AD?

Why does an AD apply to all aircraft and not only to those that have the ‘affected’ part installed?

What is the correct reference date for accomplishment of a maintenance task?

When does EASA cancel an AD?

Do I have to comply with a ‘mandatory’ Service Bulletin?

When does EASA correct an AD?

Until when can I submit comments to a Proposed Airworthiness Directive (PAD)?

How can I find ADs for equipment (parts or appliances which have their own approval, e.g. ETSO or equivalent) installed on an aircraft?

Could an aircraft records check replace a visual inspection to identify a Part Number and/or serial number?

When does EASA revise an AD?

Why does EASA adopt a Foreign State of Design AD which is applicable to a product serial number (s/n) not yet registered in Europe?

When does EASA supersede an AD?

Why does EASA issue ADs for Airworthiness Limitations Section (ALS) tasks?

What is the status in Europe of an FAA Emergency AD, once the Final Rule AD for that Emergency AD has been issued?