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How can I find ADs for equipment (parts or appliances which have their own approval, e.g. ETSO or equivalent) installed on an aircraft?


Since October 2016, a new format to improve the taxonomy for ADs applicable to parts and appliances (equipment) has been fully implemented in the EASA Safety Publication Tool. The new settings enable users to find all ADs applicable to a particular category of parts and appliances, or find all ‘equipment’ ADs with a single search action, rather than (as was previously the case) having to select each ETSO approval holder separately.

Users can go to the Safety Publications Tool, advanced search and select APPLIANCES to start using the new taxonomy for equipment ADs.

Users can also define/amend their filter setting(s) accordingly, thereby ensuring to be notified when EASA publishes an AD or PAD that does not directly apply to aircraft, engine, or propeller type designs.

It is possible to either select ‘APPLIANCES’, or choose notification for (e.g.) ATA 25 EQUIPMENT / FURNISHINGS only, or even more detailed, (e.g. if the user does maintenance on seats only) selecting Cabin Crew Seats, Flight Crew Seats and Passengers Seats.

We have removed the company names of ETSO approval holders from the SP Tool taxonomy, except where a company also holds an STC approval that is the subject of an AD. For all existing ‘equipment’ ADs, we have specified the name of each approval holder (as it was at the time of AD issuance) in the subject line of the AD record. We will do the same for all future equipment ADs.

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