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Will a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ (CofR) issued before January 1, 2021 by a Part 147 organisation approved by the UK continue to be recognised in the EU also after that date?


Yes, EASA Member States may continue to accept such CoR for the purpose of issuing a Part-66 licence/rating endorsement also after the expiry of the transitional period under the EU-UK withdrawal Agreement, provided that the CoR was correctly issued and the application for the Part-66 licence/rating endorsement to an EASA Member State was done within the time periods provided for in Annex III (Part-66) to Regulation 1321/2012 (within 10 years in case of application for an aircraft maintenance licence or the addition of a category or subcategory to such a licence; or within 3 years in case of an application for a rating endorsement).

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