Application for Approval of Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) with Airworthiness Directive (AD)

How to apply

The preferred way to receive this application is via the EASA Portal.
You will find information on how to register to become a user of the EASA Portal on our website.

Applications may alternatively be submitted by email to amoc [at], this might however lead to slightly longer processing times.

Please support the paperless management of applications by submitting applications to us electronically only.

Additional documents

If this is your first application to EASA and you do not have an EASA applicant account, you will need to submit a copy of articles of incorporation of the entity or business registration stating the company name, business registration number and legal seat of the company.

In case the applicant is not a company but a natural person, a copy of the person’s ID or passport needs to be provided. Please send these documents in a separate file. If the applicant’s registered address is not indicated on the ID or passport, an additional substantiating document is requested.

Specific technical documents shall be provided directly to the person responsible for investigating your application. The individual contact details will be communicated to you upon EASA application acceptance.

Documents can be uploaded using the EASA file box.

The exchange and review of documents may also be conducted using SEPIAC – contact sepiac-support [at] or your PCM to understand whether your project can be managed using SEPIAC and request the access to the tool.

Next steps


Please also see the related Information Sheet on the Application Acceptance Process for a more detailed view.

Good to know

An AMOC application should relate to one AD only.

Before applying, please check if you meet the following requirements for automatic acceptance:

According to TIP an FAA AMOC to an FAA AD is automatically accepted when

  1. The AD was issued against a US approved design and EASA has adopted the AD
  2. The AMOC was issued to a US design change approval holder
  3. Compliance to the AD is affected by the design change approval
  4. The intent of the AMOC is to provide the necessary adaptation to the AD compliance method

A typical example is that of an STC holder of a Freighter Conversion that requires an AMOC for the modified aircraft for ADs applicable to the baseline aircraft. 
In line with the agreed interpretation of TIP, the AD is applicable to aircraft converted by the STC, and AMOCs issued to the US STC holder can be considered to fulfil the conditions of para and be automatically accepted when they aim at adapting the method of compliance to the AD for the modified aircraft.
If you have any questions related to this interpretation you are welcome to contact the Agency through our general AD enquiry e-mail address adsupport [at]

Fees and Charges: In accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153, the Agency levies fees and charges for all its certification and approval activities. The applicable table for your application can be found in Part II of the regulation. 

Applicant Services

You will find extensive information and instructions in the EASA Portal User Guide or video tutorial. The application form also contains completion instructions, which are embedded in the form.

Please also consult our FAQs.

Should you have any further question or suggestion, please contact: Applicant.Services [at]

For questions that are specifically related to the Fees & Charges and your invoice, please consult our FAQs.