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  • Application for Approval of Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) with Airworthiness Directive (AD)
  • Application form for Unmanned Aircraft System Design Verification
  • Contract for certification support for validation of EASA certificates and other Third Country approval activities
  • Application for Type Certificate/Restricted Type Certificate
  • Application for Approval of Major Change/Major Repair Design
  • Application for Approval of Minor Change/Minor Repair Design
  • Application for Approval of Supplemental Type Certificate
  • Application for European Technical Standard Order (ETSOA)
  • Application for Operations Evaluation Board (OEB) evaluation
  • Application for Approval of Flight Conditions for a Permit to Fly
  • Application for EASA validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certificate classified as Basic and limited to one serial number
  • Application for Approval of Maintenance Review Board (MRB) or Maintenance Type Board (MTB) process based Reports, Supplements and revisions thereto