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EASA Portal Registration Form

Visit for information about the EASA Portal.

The EASA Portal Registration Form and the additional mandatory documents should be sent to: portal [at]

The following application forms are currently available in the EASA Portal: Major Change, Major Repair, Minor Change (including Minor Change to STC), Minor Repair, Supplemental Type Certificate – Initial, Supplemental Type Certificate – Major Change, ETSOA – Initial, ETSOA – Minor Change, Production Organisation Approval, Export Certificate of Airworthiness, Validation of an EASA Certificate by the TCA, Approval letter for manual revisions on behalf of the TCA, Alternative Method of Compliance with Airworthiness Directive, Application for Approval of Flight Conditions for a Permit to Fly.

Additional document(s)

First time applicants:
In case the applicant has never submitted an application to EASA, Form “FO.APMAN.00026 – EASA Applicant Data Creation/Modification Request” needs to be submitted together with “FO.APMAN.00127 – EASA Portal Registration Form”.

In case the applicant is a company:
Articles of incorporation of the entity/business registration stating the company name, business registration number and legal seat of the company (if not already provided to EASA).

In case the applicant is a natural person:
Copy of the natural person’s ID or passport

Additionally, please follow the instructions given in the registration form. 

For further information or in case of questions, please contact the Applicant Relations Section at portal [at]

Regular mail submissions of the registration should be addressed to:

European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Applicant Relationships
REF: EASA Portal Registration
Postfach 10 12 53
D-50452 Köln