A-NPA 2015-06

Reorganisation of Part 23 and CS-23

This A-NPA precedes the issuance of an NPA (planned publication date: 2015/Q4) that will propose a reorganisation of Certification Specifications ‘CS-23’ — Certification Specifications for Normal, Utility, Aerobatic, and Commuter Category Aeroplanes.

Through this reorganisation of the current CS-23, a new concept will be introduced. The EASA certification specifications will be replaced by objective requirements that are design-independent and applicable to the entire range of aeroplanes within CS-23. These objective requirements, due to their higher abstract level, will become also suitable for current CS-VLA aeroplanes.

These objective requirements will be accompanied by acceptable Airworthiness Design Standards (ADSs), where the design-specific details are captured, and will also include the requirements originating from CS-VLA for simple two-seater aeroplanes. The new concept of objective rules accompanied by ADS allows the use of appropriate and proportionate standards as Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) to CS-23. This flexibility is intended to encourage the introduction of safety-enhancing features and reduce certification costs for these types of aeroplanes.

By transposing the design-specific elements to the ADSs, future amendments of these ADSs will have to follow an industry consensus process, which will allow for a faster adoption of new technologies and better up-to-date standards. Acceptance of these standards as AMC to the objective rules will remain the Agency’s responsibility.

This A-NPA explains this new concept in more detail. Stakeholders are invited to comment on the A-NPA with respect to this new concept and provide, in particular, their feedback on the draft objective requirements anticipated for CS-23 Book 1.

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