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Approval Data Library

As part of its digitalisation programme, the agency aims to streamline procedures and reduce costs by issuing approvals in digital format only.

As a security measure, data can be cross checked against valid approvals on this website.

In a nutshell

  • EASA will issue some product approvals only as PDFs and will no longer systematically print and dispatch wet signed versions. 
  • The applicant receives a high resolution, printable version of the certificate with the look and feel of the paper version.
  • EASA publishes selected approval data under the links provided below to allow third parties to verify the data if necessary. 
  • The initial scope is limited to some product approvals. The remaining product and organisation approvals will follow in stage 2, taking into consideration feedback from this first stage. 
  • The long-term goal remains a fully digital approval process.

EASA Approval Data Library

EASA approved certificates and approvals