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Considerations “at the departure airport”

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How clean are the surfaces? Can I touch them?

How are environments and surfaces at airports and on board cleaned and disinfected?

What precautions will be taken to avoid contamination via air conditioning systems?

Is the aircraft disinfected before boarding and after each flight?

What happens if the temperature check shows that my body temperature is elevated?

Will shops, playgrounds and smoking areas be open at the terminal?

Are we still allowed to carry hand luggage on board the aircraft or do we have to check in all bags?

Do I have to check in online or use the self-check in at the airport?

Are there any special luggage handling processes due to COVID-19?

Can I take my sanitizing gel on board? Is it possible to exceed the 100 ml security limit?

How does boarding work under the COVID-19 measures?

I can’t judge how much extra time I should allow for checks and procedures, what is the recommendation?

Will temperature screening be performed at airports?