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Aircraft operations - Restrictive measures Russia

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Are aircraft registered in Russia or operated by Russian operators allowed to fly into the EU?

The Sanctions Regulation prohibits any non-Russian-registered aircraft which is owned or chartered, or otherwise controlled by any Russian natural to land in, take off from or overfly the territory of the Union, except in case of an emergency landing or emergency overflight. Does this prohibition coverall also natural persons with a dual nationality?

If the aircraft is rented by an EU or 3rd country resident, but the flight is from Russia to the EU, is it allowed? Alternatively, if there is at least one Russian citizen who is not on the sanction list, is it allowed to approve these flights?

What happens to the dry and wet leasing arrangements and code-sharing agreements between the EU AOC holders and Russian aircraft operators?

My organisation is a navigational database provider established in the EU. Am I allowed to provide updates of my product to my Russian customer?