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Child Restraint Systems

The safety of the youngest aircraft occupants is important to EASA. Babies under two years of age and small children are best protected when secured in a child restraint system appropriate for their weight and height in a dedicated seat. The use of child seats provides an equivalent level of safety to infants and children as that afforded to adult passengers wearing seatbelts.

In August, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the UN agency overseeing civil aviation, published a Manual on child restraint systems recommending the use of child safety seats in a dedicated aircraft seat. Airlines should enable parents to use child seats for their infants and children on board and should provide cabin crew, ground personnel and the travelling public with information on policies related to the use of these devices.

EASA supports the recommendations. In order to facilitate the use of approved child seats during air travel, the Agency will establish a task force with the EU Member States, operators and organisations dealing with child seats to find the best ways to address international harmonisation and to help European authorities to establish a system of mutual approval of child restraint devices.

The Agency is currently updating its website; the information will be available under EASA & You.