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E.1 - Are travel costs included in fees and charges?


Not all travel costs are included in fees or charges; they are charged separately under the following conditions:

  • For certification tasks, the fee corresponding to the task does not include the travel costs outside the EU member states (Article 5 (1) of Commission Regulation (EU) No 319/2014).
  • For services related to certification tasks, the travel costs are charged in the same manner as the certification task (Article 5 (1)).
  • For other services the cost of travel within and outside the EU member states will be invoiced in addition to the charges due. Please note that the "e" component is not applicable (Article 5 (2)).
  • All travel costs will be divided proportionally amongst applicants if an expert visited more than one company in the course of a single trip.
  • An itemised breakdown of costs will be provided without supporting documents (e.g. hotel bills) to protect the personal and financial data of the experts involved
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