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Can you explain the steps involved in the TCO application process, beginning with how the carrier should initiate contact to apply, through to the issuance of the TCO authorisation?


1. The operator should follow the process published on the EASA website and submit its administrative TCO application form (TCO.300(a)(b)(c)).

2. Once EASA has received the administrative application and has determined that the operator is eligible to apply, the operator receives log-on credentials to the web-based TCO software application.

3. Once logged-on to the web-based TCO software application, the operator completes an electronic questionnaire and uploads specific operational documents as requested by the Agency (TCO.300(d)).

4. EASA then evaluates all the submitted information and decides if a further in-depth assessment is necessary (ART.200).

5. As soon as the assessment is successfully completed and any non-compliance finding that may have resulted from the assessment has been closed, the operator will receive its TCO authorisation document and associated technical specifications.

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