What can I follow on the website?

Categories(subcategories) you can followEASA website follow categories

When you create an account you will be asked to select the categories of your interest and decided how to be notified. Some of the categories also have subcategories. More details below:


  • Suggested
  • Events
  • News - All
  • News - Coronavirus CoViD-19
  • News - Recruitment
  • Press Release

EASA Website subcategoriesCategories with subcategories

Below a list of categories that have subcategories such as regulations, notices of proposed amendments (NPAs), Opinions, etc.. The subcategories themselves are not listed below but you can view them via your personalisation settings.

  • Aerodromes
  • Air Operations
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Aircraft & products
  • Aircrew & Medical
  • Civil drones (Unmanned aircraft)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environment
  • General Aviation
  • International cooperation
  • Research & Innovation
  • Rotorcraft & VTOL
  • Safety Management & Promotion
  • Third Country Operators

Pages you can followEASA Website follow this item

Below you can find the pages and publication groups(they contain multiple pages). When you visit these pages you can follow them by clicking 'Follow this item' on the top right.

Want the stay informed?

Follow the 3 steps below:

EASA pro laptop create account1. Create an account

Create an account with social logins or use the normal registration form.


2. Follow the category of your interest


3. Decide how to stay informedEASA website follow categories

Your personalised stream

If you follow a category all relevant updates will appear on your personalised stream on the EASA homepage.


You can enable email notifications, the default option is daily but you can decide to receive an email immediately after a publication.

Push notifications

You can get push notifications for categories important to you, they will always be sent immediately.


Create an account and stay informed