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Technical Cooperation Projects

As safety doesn’t stop at European borders, EASA works with authorities worldwide to raise global standards. Being an authority itself, it can understand and address the challenges, and bring different stakeholders together.

To cover the full scope of aviation, EASA implements the following projects together with its European partners. These programmes are mainly funded by the European Union, or other international partners, and focus on practical and sustainable solutions for countries and regions alike.

Below you will find information on the projects run by EASA.

Follow this link for an overview of all technical cooperation activity on a world map

In addition to its own projects, EASA supports regional organisations, as well as international technical cooperation fora, such as ICAO’s technical assistance programmes. Through this cooperation, EASA provides technical input and expertise, and ensures coordination between these initiatives and its own activities/projects.

Technical training services are an integral part of EASA’s technical cooperation activities. Thanks to its expertise across the aviation safety spectrum, EASA designs, develops and delivers (directly or through its partners) quality training programmes for the international aviation community. EASA has also launched the EASA Virtual Academy, to ensure that harmonised and high-quality training is available especially to National Aviation Authorities staff. The training is provided by qualified external training providers.

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