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As an EASA approved maintenance organisation outside the EU, can I use design data approved under UK regulations to release components or EU-registered aircraft?


EASA approved maintenance organisation can use design data approved under UK regulations in cases where these design data are directly accepted, or when validated by EASA.

As explained in the following FAQ items https://www.easa.europa.eu/faq/124095 and https://www.easa.europa.eu/faq/124097 , minor design changes and repairs approved by the UK CAA or by an approved organisation under laws and regulations of the United Kingdom (UK DOA)are directly accepted without the need for EASA to issue a certificate. Other design approvals (TC, STC, Major Change, Major Repair, ETSOA) require a validation by EASA.

When directly accepted (or once validated by EASA when applicable), the design data can be used by EASA approved maintenance organisations to release component or EU-registered aircraft, regardless of the location of the approved maintenance organisations.

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