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ToR RMT.0724

Improvement of operating information provided to rotorcraft flight crew

Contrary to the practice in the fixed-wing domain, the current practice in the rotorcraft domain is to concentrate the flight crew instructions in the rotorcraft flight manuals (RFMs). However, an RFM is essentially intended to be a certification document, and it is not, therefore, designed to address all operational needs.

The current means of compliance for the preparation of rotorcraft flight manuals is based on an FAA advisory circular (AC) that was last amended in 1999. That material was developed when the level of complexity of rotorcraft and their types of operations were much simpler than those of the current generation of rotorcraft. That material is no longer adequate, given the technological evolution observed during the last decade, which has resulted in more complex rotorcraft and systems.

This situation has had a negative impact on the safety of rotorcraft operations, and analysis of the occurrences in the EASA database shows that it has caused or contributed to a significant number of rotorcraft incidents and accidents.

The intention behind this RMT is, therefore, to improve the operating information that rotorcraft manufacturers provide to rotorcraft flight crew.