Is life getting easier for GA manufacturers? New AMC&GM for production and design as a first step!

EASA introduces first steps to relieve some burden for small GA design and production companies.  To that end, EASA issued ED Decision 2019/003/R with new, proportionate ‘soft’ rules in the AMC/GM to Part-21.

These new Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material provide a more suitable way for small organisations to meet the design and production rules of Part-21.

It is aiming for less procedures and paperwork, instead looks at actual results and the product. This should make the use of Part-21 more scalable to the low end of General Aviation.

To obtain an approval therefore now becomes easier for organisations designing or producing

  • aeroplanes that are within the scope of CS-LSA, CS-VLA and CS-23 level 1 (non-complex);
  • sailplanes and powered sailplanes that are within the scope of CS-22; or
  • balloons, hot-air airships and gas airships that are ELA2 aircraft; and
  • products and the parts used on these products.

These AMC&GM are only a first step. With the aim to make it more proportionate, Part-21 itself will be revisited and amended as part of the implementation of EASA’s new basic regulation, aiming for a rule change proposal before September 2020.

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