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EASA publishes Decision to improve rotorcraft safety

In a further step to improve rotorcraft safety by mitigating the risk of human error at the design stage and to better support the investigation of rotorcraft accidents and incidents, EASA published ED Decision 2021/010/R.

The introduction of systematic considerations related to Human Factors during the rotorcraft design process is expected to reduce the risk of design-related errors attributable to human factors that may lead to or contribute to an accident or incident.

With reference to investigation of rotorcraft accidents and incidents, certification specifications and acceptable means of compliance (AMCs) have been created or amended to:

  • support compliance with the operational rules requiring the recording of data link communications,
  • improve the serviceability of flight recorders and the audio quality of cockpit voice recorders (CVR) recordings, ensuring a better data analysis related to accidents or incidents.

These actions are part of the EASA Rotorcraft Safety Roadmap and the systemic actions taken to improve aircraft tracking, rescue operations and accident investigation, as identified in the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS 2021-2025).