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ED DECISION 2019/004/R 'Remote Tower' Workshop

Date & time
28/05/2019, 09:00 - 18:00

On 19 February 2019 EASA issued ED Decision 2019/004/R on remote aerodrome ATS, better known as 'remote tower operations'. This ED Decision, replacing the existing EASA guidance issued on the subject in 2015, takes into consideration the further evolution of the subject matter R&D activities (e.g. SESAR) and the initial implementation experiences throughout the EU. 

The updated guidance addresses operational, procedural, technological and human resources aspects of remote aerodrome ATS, as well as the management of change, with the main objective of facilitating its safe implementation and operation. It further clarifies specific aspects of the existing AMC/GM related to ATCO licencing (in particular training) and, as a novelty, it introduces initial guidance on various aspects of multiple mode of remote ATS provision.

Aim of the Workshop
The aims of the Workshop are the following:

  • To inform stakeholders about the content of the ED Decision 2019/004/R;
  • To inform stakeholders about R&D developments and implementation experiences;
  • To clarify specific issues of stakeholders' interest.

Target audience
Members of the EASA Advisory Bodies, Civil Aviation Authorities, ATM/ANS providers, aerodrome operators, airspace users, industry, social partners and professional organisations' representatives.

Registration details
Participation to the workshop requires advance registration, which is open until 10 May 2019. Confirmation of registration will be required to ensure your participation. Due to the limited availability of seats, EASA reserves the right to accept only a limited number of participants per organisation. Registrations will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

For registration, please submit the registration form available below duly filled to: manuel.estrada [at]

Questions on ED Decision 2019/004/R may be submitted in advance to EASA, by using the appropriate field in the registration form. Such questions will be addressed during the Workshop.