EASA Fuel Quality Seminar

The 1 day EASA Fuel Quality Seminar aims at improving all processes around fuel quality, approving fuels, what fuel spec does and what it doesn't. Aspects around the management of fuel supply should be highlighted as well as the question why the quality of fuel matters. What should the quality of fuel for an aircraft engine be like? We focus on responsibilities, relationships, regulations and guidance. What are the global approaches to fuel approvals, fuel quality management and specification variations. Let's have a look also on bio fuels. The EASA Fuel Quality Seminar could be of interest for

Manufacturers (engine and airframe)
Fuel producers
Fuel handlers
Measurement and fuel handling equipment manufacturers
Pipeline managers
Aerodrome managers and on airport fuel handlers
Aircraft operators
Industry organisations like IATA, JIG, A4A, ASD, AEA, ACI
Standardisation bodies like DEF STAN, ASTM

A common understanding of best practise, of the issues and how they could be addressed and achieve participant's intention to put some of the best practise in place will be the success of this 1 day seminar.

Please register by sending an e-mail to ingeburg [dot] hutmacher [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu.

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