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2017 EASA Workshop on Additive Manufacturing

Dates: 27/09/2017, Wednesday – 28/09/2017, Thursday
Participation fee: 160 EUR (includes catering, room rental & technical equipment)
Available seats: fully booked
Accommodation: Hotels with EASA rate

Please note that the event is fully booked.

Presenters are kindly requested to confirm their attendance through sending an e-mail to EASA-AM-Workshop [at]

Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D-printing or ALM additive layer manufacturing) is a production technology which involves highly complex processes, dependent upon many process parameters. Compared to conventional manufacturing processes, AM parts may result in different microstructures, defect species, residual stresses, inspectability, post-processing requirements, ultimately structural performance and durability. The requirements for design, structural assessment, quality assurance, and on-going manufacturing quality control need review and careful consideration to ensure that qualification processes for AM parts are safe and robust enough to guarantee repeatable good material quality.

The EASA AM workshop II is primarily aimed at providing an update on aviation industries status on AM technology and as well the current technical and functional support of 3D-printing machine vendors to the aviation industry. Furthermore, EASA is currently developing a flexible agenda and welcomes identification of any additional themes (metallic or non-metallic) by industry and other potential participants for inclusion in this workshop. At this time, the likely themes will include the below listed points.

The Agenda is anticipated to cover at least the following topics:

  • European NAAs/EASA/FAA update on their current activities concerning AM
  • 3D-Printing machine vendors/technological and functional support of aviation industry
  • Update on 3D-Technology by aviation industry and suppliers (TC- and DOA-Holders)
  • Current status on SAE draft standards for AM
  • Open Discussion

Substitutions and cancellations
Substitutions and cancellations can be made until 10/09/2017.
Please notify us as soon as possible at EASA-AM-Workshop [at]
Cancellations of an accepted registration must be made in writing to EASA-AM-Workshop [at] and will incur a 25% non-refundable administrative fee per cancelled registration.
Delegates who request a cancellation on or after 10/09/2017 or delegates who fail to attend without prior notice are liable for the full attendance fee.
Refunds of fees will be made after 30/11/2017.
The attendance fee will not be prorated should delegates not attend the entire conference.

Future AM workshop
EASA plans to continue international engagement with industry and other regulators throughout 2018 via some of the many events proposed  during year.  The next EASA AM Workshop to be hosted by EASA in Koeln is likely to be in 2019.  Please continue to watch the EASA website accordingly.  Otherwise, if you have any specific AM questions, please use the contacts identified in the EASA ‘Additive Manufacturing ‘CM-S-008 Issue 1’.