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Are we high-risk or non-high-risk commercial specialised operator?


High-risk commercial SPO - Reference: Reg. (EU) No 965/2012 on air operations: Article 2 (8) 

Each competent authority must decide for their territory which commercial SPO operation poses a high risk, in particular to third parties on the ground. If you operate in the Member State where you are residing or your organisation is established or has its principal place of business, this is your competent authority; if you operate in another Member State, this is the competent authority designated by that Member State.

Alternatively, even in cases where the authority did not determine that the SPO operation poses a high risk, an operator may determine through a risk assessment that a particular operation in the event of an emergency, may be posing high risk to third parties on the ground. 

The competent authority should publish and regularly update a list with High-risk SPO for their territory. 

EASA collects information from the Member States’ competent authorities about the lists applicable in their territories 

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