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How do I apply for an ETSO authorization?


Applications for ETSOA are made through EASA Form 34. Compliance with the applicable ETSO – standard(s) as well as Part 21 shall be stated in a DDP (Declaration of Design and Performance).
Applications can be of two types:

  1. An application from an EU organization for the EASA approval of a new ETSOA. This requires that the applicant has at least applied for Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approvals (ADOA) and a Production Organisation Approval (POA). ETSO applications for APU require a DOA.
  2. An application from a non-EU organization for the EASA validation of a non-EU part approval. The application must be made in accordance with any Working Arrangement or Bilateral Agreement. If these are missing the application will be considered as a new ETSOA and the organisational requirements mentioned in paragraph 1. will apply.
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