Easy Access Rules XML

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How to find and extract the images embedded in the OOXML flat file?

Since the format of the formulas inside OOXML is OMML, can you recommend a way to transform those to MathML (which is the standard for HTML)?

How can we import the XML into an SQL database?

How can we use the eRules XML in a mobile application?

How can we convert the eRules XML to JSON data?

How can we convert the exported XML format to HTML?

How can we remove the formatting information from the XML?

How can we merge our own operating procedures with the EASA content?

When an amended version of a rule is published in the XML format, is there a way to determine what are the changes compared to a previous version?

I’m interested in extracting the data structure inside a topic, because my application is used for checking compliance with criteria that are listed (e.g. as bulleted items) inside topics. How can I do this?

In the pdf version of Easy Access Rules sometimes one topic presents two versions of the same rule or of the same paragraph (see the figure below). What does it mean and how is this represented in the XML format?

When a topic is open in pdf/Word or OOXML, the regulatory source of the content is displayed as indicated by the arrow in the picture below. Where can I retrieve this information in the XML?

In the XML Schema, there are two elements, “frontmatter” and “backmatter”. We have not seen these elements in the actual XML-files, what is their purpose?

I'm trying to export the content of these xml files to an excel file, and I did not succeed. What can I do?

I tried to open one of the XML files in my text/XML editor but it is displayed incorrectly and I think the XML file may be corrupted. What can I do?

Are the Easy Access Rules topic IDs stable over the lifecycle of a topic, including when a topic is deleted?

Will the changes to topic metadata be part of the version history of a topic and will EASA publish timeline versions of topics?

Are the sdt-id values stable over time?

Are there any stable IDs available on the sub-topic level, for example for paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and list items?

Can Easy Access Rules in XML be imported into other applications, for example spreadsheets or databases?

The XML files of Easy Access Rules (EAR) are very large and not easy to open and navigate. Have you considered exporting smaller units/files?

How can we identify changes in the eRules, down to the paragraph level? Will you export any “delta” files, specifying only the changes?

Would you provide a specific DTD file with the XML file provided, in order to interpret and manage this XML file format in a consistent way? And why not using the ATA standard S1000D format?

Could you please explain how the elements work? Do they have their own IDs?

The smallest "text" unit is an Implementing Rule (IR) paragraph, as I understand. Are there plans to develop the XML scheme to also handle sub-paragraphs (a), (b), (c) etc., like ADR.OR.D.005(a)? The reason for this question is, that EASA tends to combine several compliance topics/subjects in one IR. But one often has to handle these compliance topics separately (e.g. in manuals).

Are there any plans to provide API access?

What is the legal status of Easy Access Rules in the XML format?

Are there any intellectual copyright rules to be followed when using the XML content in a process support application?