GA ROADMAP 2.0 - Update 2020: Making GA Safer and Cheaper

GA Roadmap 2020

The EASA General Aviation team has published an update on the EASA General Aviation Roadmap 2.0 – the second phase of the GA roadmap. This covers details that were originally planned to be shared at the AERO Friedrichshafen show in April, which unfortunately did not take place due to COVID-19. 

The leaflet highlights a number of achievements. These include streamlined GA pilot training, simpler rules for the operation of non-commercial aircraft, the balloons and sailplane specific licensing and ops rules and the simplification of CS-STAN changes.

Many other activities of the GA Roadmap are being worked on and will be implemented in the coming year. Owners of light aircraft can now benefit from Part-ML (Part-M light) improvements to the maintenance rules. Part-ML was adopted by the European Commission in 2019 and was applicable as of 24 March 2020. Other activities include simplified rules on Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flying through the Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) and the launch of a new Safety Promotion website for the GA Community.  

The General Aviation leaflet 2020 contains important strategic priorities and ongoing projects that will help to ensure a safe and sustainable future for GA in Europe.  

If you are interested in General Aviation you can keep updated with this and other important GA activities on the EASA website and join the discussion in our GA Community Site.