First public deliverable for Machine Learning Application Approval (MLEAP) research project

An EASA AI Roadmap 2.0 project

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is pleased to announce the release of a 260-page report as part of his research project MLEAP. This project is one of the main projects of EASA AI Roadmap 2.0 and is part of the Agency's ongoing efforts to promote the safe integration of new and emerging technologies in aviation.

This report highlights a set of anticipated concepts for the evaluation and certification of AI-based systems supporting the EASA roadmap deliverables, and help industry stakeholders in planning new strategies for deploying AI in their human and technical organisations.

One of the main results is a first version of a general framework to cover most of the ML-related steps the W-shaped process of the EASA AI Concept paper.mleap

In the next phase, three aviation AI use-cases in ATC, Maintenance and Airworthiness domain will be developed to demonstrate the effectivity and usability of the proposed methods and tools.