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How does the application process look like and what would be the price quote and time schedule?


The application process is defined by following steps:

  • Future DAT provider makes an application, using the available DAT provider application forms 
  • The application should include some company documentation (Organisation Exposition and a copy of the national Companies register / Certificate of Incorporation) 
  • An eligibility check will be done by EASA before proceeding with the next steps.
  • Charges will differ between the organisations (depending on the organisation scope of work, number of location etc.) as the fee is calculated based on hours spent on certification. The application form for certification includes the possibility for the organisation to request a quote. If this is option is selected, EASA will send the corresponding quote after assessing the information delivered together with the documentation. No certification activity is started until the organisation accepts the quote.
  • Once the quote is accepted, a Kick-Off Meeting between EASA and the organisation is organised in order to launch formally the activity. Certification tasks will start at that meeting.
  • The duration of the assessment depends on the type of services and the compliance status of the organisation. Typically, as a minimum, an on-site audit is organised although it can be extended depending on the organisation structure (e.g. number of operational sites).

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