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The 07/06/10 deadline date for STC applicants - how will this be managed by EASA if the STC has already been issued. Will a new project be needed to allow the teams to review the ICAs?


Yes, once the STC was considered affected by the new rules and a revision of EWIS ICA was considered to be potentially necessary, the certificate was issued with a limitation. This limitation states that the STC holder shall submit to the Agency the final EWIS ICA for the STC by 7th of June 2010.

To remove the limitation, the STC holder has to apply for a Major Change to the STC. EASA expects the applicant to provide an analysis substantiating that revisions to the EWIS ICA are not needed or provide updated/new EWIS ICA documents with associated justification.

It is expected that the STC certificate will be reissued with no limitation at the conclusion of the process.

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