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As a UK-based organisation do I need to hold an EASA POA (as Third Country Approval) and how do I export parts and appliances to the EU?


As per the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between UK and EU, in particular Art 21 and Art 24 of Annex 30, the EU recognizes the POA issued by the UK CAA, as well as the UK CAA Form 1 for the export of parts.

Therefore, there is no need for UK-based organisation to hold an EASA Third Country Production Organisation Approval. Consequently, EASA has not issued any Third Country POA for UK organisations and as such, there is not any valid EASA.UK.21G.XXXX approval.

Parts manufactured by UK organisations should be exported to the EU with a UK CAA Form 1 referring to the UK CAA POA approval. Please note that UK CAA Form 1 is only an airworthiness export certificate, which does not alleviate from any other custom/administrative export requirements to the EU.

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