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EASA Virtual Academy

The EASA Virtual Academy includes only regulatory courses that support the qualification of Member States’ NAAs personnel involved in approval and oversight activities (inspectors). The courses are provided by qualified external training organisations, selected by EASA through an approval procedure.

The following classroom courses are covered by the EASA Virtual Academy:

  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Initial Airworthiness
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Continuing Airworthiness
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Air Operations
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aircrew FSTD
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aircrew Licensing
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aircrew Medical
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aerodromes
  • NAA Inspectors Training Course - ATM/ANS

Each course is specifically designed for authority inspectors. It gives a general overview of the EU regulations in the respective area, including the relevant requirements of:

  • EASA ‘Basic Regulation' (EU) 2018/1139,
  • corresponding Implementing Rules, as well as
  • ‘Standardisation Regulation’ (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 628/2013).

For information on course content and enrolment, please follow the links provided below or contact the respective training provider.

Note: Only the above-listed courses are approved by EASA in the context of the EASA Virtual Academy. All other courses included in the training providers’ catalogues are outside the Virtual Academy scope and thus not subject to any type of endorsement by EASA.

The training providers that offer EASA Virtual Academy courses are selected on the basis of specific criteria with regards to their legal, economic, financial, technical and professional capacity in order to perform the required training. These criteria are detailed in the Approval Procedure Technical Specifications.

For further information, please contact training [at]