ToR RMT.0712

Enhancement of the safety assessment processes for rotorcraft designs

This RMT is intended to improve the safety assessment provisions for equipment, systems and installations that are contained in the certification specifications (CSs) for small and large rotorcraft (CS-27 & CS-29) to reflect the current best practice.

The safety assessment of the design of rotorcraft systems and equipment is used to identify the presence of hazards in the design, and also to help rotorcraft designers to put in place means to either eliminate the identified hazards, or to mitigate the associated safety risks.

Technology, techniques and approaches have evolved since the inception of formal safety assessment processes. It is therefore necessary to reflect the state-of-the-art safety assessment processes in the CSs.

In addition, this RMT is aimed at achieving a coordinated approach with partner authorities (e.g. the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)) who have initiated similar activities on the topic of safety assessment and proportionate safety objectives. In this RMT, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will seek harmonisation where it is practicable.