ED Decision 2023/001/R

Enhancement of the safety assessment processes for rotorcraft designs’ | Regular update of the Certification Specifications for Small Rotorcraft (CS-27), and Large Rotorcraft (CS-29)

CS-27 Amendment 10 and CS-29 Amendment 11

The objectives of this Decision are to:

  • provide proportionate and cost-efficient rules in the field of the safety assessment provisions for equipment, systems and installations for rotorcraft that also maintain an overall high level of safety;
  • reflect the state of the art of small and large rotorcraft certification based on experience gathered from in-service occurrences and certification projects.

To achieve these objectives, this Decision amends the Certification Specifications and Acceptable Means of Compliance for Small Rotorcraft (CS-27) and the Certification Specifications and Acceptable Means of Compliance for Large Rotorcraft (CS-29) to introduce:

  • amendments to the CSs related to the safety assessment of equipment, systems, and installations along with AMC that introduces proportionality into the safety objectives for small CS-27 rotorcraft; 
  • certification provisions and guidance material for which sufficient experience has been gained through certification (e.g. they were included in Certification Memoranda, equivalent safety findings, special conditions) or that were necessary to address Safety Recommendations. 

The amendments are expected to:

  • provide greater proportionality for the safety objectives for small CS-27 rotorcraft, thereby also promoting the installation of equipment and technology that could improve safety; 
  • increase the harmonisation of the EASA safety assessment provisions for rotorcraft contained in CS 27.1309 and CS 29.1309 with other EASA CSs (and SCs) and with their FAA equivalents;
  • address safety concerns that have been identified, and increase the utility and relevance CS-27 and CS-29.

The amendments will have no significant economic impact, and no environmental or social impacts.