ED Decision 2022/024/R

AMC and GM to the rules of the air — Issue 1, Amendment 6

AMC and GM to the rules of the air — Issue 1, Amendment 6 

The objective of Decisions 2022/022/R, 2022/023/R and 2022/024/R is to maintain a high level of safety for unmanned and manned aircraft operations in the U-space airspace. 
The Decisions propose acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) to the U-space regulatory package (i.e. Commission Implementing Regulations (EU) 2021/664, 2021/665 and 2021/666). 

Due to the novelty of the subject, it is important to provide the necessary means for the implementation of the above-mentioned Regulations as regards: 

  • the concept of the U-space airspace and its management by the Member States in terms of risk assessment and responsibilities; 
  • the dynamic reconfiguration of the U-space airspace, when applied; 
  • the operational functioning of the common information service and the certification process for both the providers of this service and the U-space service providers (USSPs); 
  • the set of performance requirements to be determined for the different U-space services; 
  • the exchange of all data and available information among the participants of the U-space airspace; 
  • the definition of relevant standard(s) for the connection to the common information service provider(s) to ensure interoperability and uniform implementation across the EU; 
  • detailed procedures for the flight authorisation service; 
  • the acceptable means for manned aircraft to be conspicuous when entering the U-space airspace in uncontrolled airspace; 
  • the expected coordination with local authorities, the security aspects to be covered in a specific U-space airspace, and the authorities’ oversight programme as well as any other task related to the management of the U-space airspace under their responsibility. 

The Decisions are expected to help in maintaining safety as regards operations of unmanned and manned aircraft in the U-space airspace and improve harmonisation among the Member States as regards the provision of U-space services.