ED Decision 2016/024/R

CS-27 / Amendment 4

This Decision addresses a number of safety and regulatory harmonisation issues that are currently not or are only partially addressed in the current CS-27.

The specific objective is to update the certification specifications for small rotorcraft in order to maintain a high level of safety and to provide cost-efficient rules harmonised with those of international partners.

This Decision proposes the following main changes:

  • To amend AMC 27.351 to reflect certification experience and ensure a consistent and safe approach to establishing structural substantiation.
  • To adopt AC 27-1B — Change 4, published by FAA in May 2014. Most changes adopted in this Advisory Circular were previously developed jointly by FAA and EASA however some minor differences remain.
  • To create new Certification Specifications on HIRF (CS 27.1317) and lightning (CS 27.1316). This will better reflect existing certification practice and will replace reliance on ageing JAA interim policies. AMC material associated with these new rules has previously been published by EASA in AMC-20.
  • To create a new rule related to volcanic ash (CS 27.1593). This will ensure that design organisations undertake an assessment of their product’s susceptibility to volcanic cloud hazards as part of type certification, and establish limitations and/or provide information for their safe operation.

The proposed changes are expected to increase safety and cost-effectiveness, reduce regulatory burden and constitute an improvement in terms of harmonisation with other certification authorities.