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Regional Safety Oversight Organisations (RSOOs)

RSOOs are a means through which a group of States collaborate, share best practices, safety oversight tasks and resources, with the aim to establish and maintain an effective aviation safety oversight system.

In Europe, EU Member States and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland have agreed to cooperate in the area of aviation safety. EASA, as an Agency of the European Union, is an RSOO for Europe. EASA carries out tasks which have been transferred from States to the EU and is assisting States in the implementation of the safety regulatory framework, e.g. by providing training.

There are many other RSOOs in other regions of the world. This map provides an overview of RSOOs around the world. More information and a full list is published by ICAO.

The idea of establishing RSOOs is not new. In fact, it was discussed at several ICAO Assemblies. During the 39th ICAO Assembly in September/October 2016, Europe tabled a Working Paper explaining which benefits regional cooperation mechanisms could have for aviation safety. The deliberations at the Assembly resulted in the adoption of Resolution A 39-14 with the objective to strengthen RSOOs and make use of them wherever this can be advantageous for the States.

More recently, ICAO and EASA organised the RSOO Forum 2017. The Forum endorsed a Global Strategy and Action Plan for the Improvement of RSOOs and the Establishment of a Global System for the Provision of Safety Oversight. The Strategy and Action Plan foresee also the set-up of an RSOO Cooperative Platform. EASA is supporting ICAO in its RSOO activities.