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International Maintenance Review Board Policy Board (IMRBPB)

The International Maintenance Review Board Policy Board (IMRBPB) is a body set up by aviation regulatory authorities and agencies (also known as National Aviation Authorities – NAAs) for the continuing development of policies, procedures and guidance in the performance of Maintenance Review Board (MRB) or Maintenance Type Board (MTB) process, and in the application of the Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3) logic as part of these MRB/MTB process. In addition to promoting harmonisation between the NAAs, the IMRBPB advocates the standardisation of MRB/MTB policy and procedures through a structured forum for discussions, leading to the development of international policy regarding MRB/MTB activities.

There are ten member NAAs who have signed the IMRBPB Charter, representing: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, Hong Kong (China), Japan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S.A.

In addition, industry (aircraft manufacturers and operators) are represented at the Policy Board by the following bodies: Airlines for America (A4A), specifically by the Maintenance Programs Industry Group (MPIG) under the A4A's Airworthiness Committee; the Rotorcraft Maintenance Programs Industry Group (RMPIG) under the Helicopter Association International.

The MSG-3 logic process is an industry document published by Airlines for America (A4A) that is used by every major transport category aircraft manufacturer (fixed wing and rotorcraft) to develop initial scheduled maintenance tasks that become the MRB Report (MRBR) for that type. These MRBR are used by aircraft operators as the basis for their approved maintenance programmes (or schedules or requirements) to ensure the continuing airworthiness and reliability of their fleets.

The MRB/MTB processes are harmonized through the International MRB/MTB Process Standard (IMPS). The IMRBPB has issued this standard as guidance, which outlines the standardized processes and procedures to be used by NAAs in the oversight and approval of scheduled maintenance requirements by NAAs. NAAs who are members of the IMRBPB should adopt or reference IMPS as part of their regulatory framework.

The IMRBPB reviews and approves Candidate Issue Papers presented by the NAAs and A4A members that amend the MSG-3 document and the IMPS. Following approval, the Issue Paper will be incorporated into the MSG-3 or IMPS documents at next revision.

There is currently a three year revision cycle for the MSG-3 and the IMPS documents. This revision cycle is maintained in order to implement new interpretations and to ensure new and emerging technologies are captured, while not overloading the revision cycle of the NAAs’ regulatory framework or creating a burden on aircraft manufacturers.

This website is the reference point for IMRBPB related material.


Meeting YEAR Documents Date Place
2022 IMRBPB Meeting 2022 20-24/06/2022 Virtual Meeting
2021 IMRBPB Meeting 2021 24-28/05/2021 Virtual Meeting
2021 Virtual Decision
Committee Meetings
Virtual Meetings
2020 IMRBPB meeting 2020 18-22/05/2020 Canceled due to
Covid-19 pandemic
2019 IMRBPB meeting 2019 06-10/05/2019 Ottawa, Canada
hosted by TCCA
2018 IMRBPB meeting 2018 23-27/04/2018 Shanghai, China
hosted by CAAC
2017 IMRBPB meeting 2017 24-28/04/2017 Cologne, Germany
hosted by EASA
2016 IMRBPB meeting 2016 25-29/04/2016 São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil
hosted by ANAC
2015 IMRBPB meeting 2015 20-24/04/2015 Atlanta, USA
hosted by FAA
2014 IMRBPB meeting 2014 28/04 to 02/05/2014 Ottawa, Canada
hosted by TCCA
2013 IMRBPB meeting 2013 22-26/04/2013 Cologne, Germany
hosted by EASA
2012 IMRBPB meeting 2012 23-27/04/2012 Shanghai, China
hosted by CAAC
2011 IMRBPB meeting 2011 25-29/04/2011 Beijing, China
hosted by CAAC
2010 IMRBPB meeting 2010 26-30/04/2010 Singapore
2009 Agenda
Pre meeting package 1
Pre meeting package 2
ANAC presentation
Minutes of meeting
31/03-03/04/2009 Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Brazil
hosted by ANAC
2008 Agenda
Pre meeting package 1
EASA Press Release
Minutes of meeting
22-25/04/2008 EASA Cologne
2007 Agenda
Package 1
Package 2
Date and Information
19-23/02/2007 Montreal, Canada
2005 Agenda
18-20/10/2005 EASA Cologne
2004 Agenda
28-30/09/2004 Seattle, WA
2003 Minutes 19-21/08/2003 TCCA Halifax
2002 Agenda
10-12/09/2002 Place FAA Seattle
2001 Agenda
18-20/10/2001 Central JAA Hoofddorp


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