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NPA 2015-11

Regular update of CS-25

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) makes use of the ‘systematic tasks’ concept introduced in the revised EASA Management Board Decision amending and replacing the ‘Rulemaking Procedure’ (EASA MB Decision 01-2012 of 13 March 2012). This concept aims at improving the efficiency of the EASA rulemaking process.

The specific objective of this NPA is to propose an amendment to CS-25 based on the selection of non-complex, non-controversial and mature subjects. The ultimate goal is to increase safety.

This NPA proposes to:

  • clarify the intent of CS 25.810(a)(1)(iv) on emergency egress assisting means, with regard to the demonstration of performance with the engine running at ground idle;
  • update the references to the FAA Flight Test Guide (AC 25-7C);
  • clarify the structure of CS 25.143(l) on ‘Electronic flight control systems’;
  • correct an inaccuracy in the tables of CS 25.397(d)(1) on ‘Limit pilot forces for aeroplanes equipped with side stick controls’;
  • introduce the content of the Certification Memorandum on ‘Respecting Brake Energy Qualification Limits’ into AMC 25.735(a);
  • clarify the applicability of CS 25.729 on ‘Retracting mechanism’ to both retracting and extending mechanisms of the landing gear; and
  • make typographic improvements: ensure that existing AMCs (Book 2) are correctly and clearly referenced in the CSs (Book 1), and correct other typographic errors.

The proposed changes are expected to contribute to an updated CS-25 reflecting the available state of the art and AMCs (complying with the objective of Article 19 of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008), and facilitate the certification process. Overall, this would bring a moderate safety benefit, have no social or environmental impacts, and may provide a slight economic benefit by streamlining the certification process.