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EASA Environmental Portal User Registration Form

Who can apply

In line with Regulation (EU) No 598/2014 Article 7(2) EASA has been designated as the responsible entity for collecting and making available aircraft noise certificate (or the equivalent noise documentation) data of individual aircraft operating at Union airports. The noise information shall contain the aircraft nationality and registration mark; the noise documentation of the aircraft used, together with the associated maximum take-off weight; any modification of the aircraft which affects its noise performance and is stated on the noise documentation. The regulation is applicable to civil fixed-wing aircraft with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 34 000 kg or more, or with a certificated maximum internal accommodation for the aircraft type in question consisting of 19 passenger seats or more, excluding any seats for crew only.

The EASA Environmental Portal is a database enabling a secure online submission of the individual aircraft noise data (noise certificate or the equivalent noise documentation) by aircraft operators. 

The EASA Environmental Portal is accessible to individual persons, who are employed by one of the following legal entities:

  • Competent Authority
  • EU/EEA air navigation service provider
  • EU/EEA airport operator
  • EU/EEA or TCO aircraft operator

To be able to access the EASA Environmental Portal, you must undergo a registration process.

How to register to use the EASA Environmental Portal

You shall submit the duly filled and signed EASA Environmental Portal User Registration form and, as applicable, the required substantiating documents (refer to Section 7 of the registration form).

The preferred way to receive the request for registration is by email to environmentalportal [at]

Please support the paperless management of applications by submitting applications to us electronically only.

Additional documents

If this is your first request for registration to the EASA Environmental Portal and your legal entity does not have an EASA account yet, you will need to register as a Master User and you will need to submit:

  • A copy of the articles of incorporation/business registration of the competent authority, EU/EEA air navigation service provider, EU/EEA airport operator or, EU/EEA or TCO aircraft operator, stating the name of the legal entity, business registration number and legal seat; 
  • A copy of the Aircraft Operator Certificate (only applicable to EU/EEA aircraft operator and TCO aircraft operator)
  • Evidence of the authorisation/powers of the person submitting the request to 
    • (i) make the request for registration on behalf of the competent authority, EU/EEA air navigation service provider, EU/EEA airport operator or, EU/EEA and TCO aircraft operator; 
    • (ii) perform all actions with respect to and for the purpose of the competent authority, EU/EEA air navigation service provider, EU/EEA airport operator or, EU/EEA and TCO aircraft operator registration; validly represent and bind the User by such registration
    • (iii) to perform any other actions offered by the EASA Environmental Portal, in particular the online submission of data, or any related communications with the Agency.

The evidence of authorisation can be submitted to the Agency in the form of power of attorney, delegation, by-laws, board resolution, etc.

In case your legal entity already has already an EASA account, you will be registered as Staff User.

Upon EASA acceptance of your request for registration to use the EASA Environmental Portal, EASA will send you two emails containing your user log-in information: one with your Username, and another with your temporary password. You need to replace the temporary password upon first log-on. 

Should you have any further question or suggestion, please contact the Applicant Relations team: environmentalportal [at]