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Part-M: General

Maintenance for each type of aircraft/operation

Continuing airworthiness management for each type of operator/ aircraft

Can an independent certifying staff maintain ELA1 aircraft used for commercial operations (such as ATO)?

Which are the correct statements to be written in block 11 of EASA Form 1 after maintenance?

Can a licenced pilot without a valid medical certificate perform pilot-owner maintenance?

What are the responsibilities relevant to pre-flight inspection?

What are the plans of EASA concerning the Continuing Airworthiness of aircraft operated under the new Part-DTO (Annex VIII to Reg. (EU) No 1178/2011 as amended)?

Airworthiness review

Can an airworthiness review certificate (ARC)/recommendation be issued after an airworthiness review with open findings?

Can an extension of an ARC be anticipated more than 30 days?

Can an Airworthiness Review Staff (ARS) perform an airworthiness review on an aircraft in which he/ she had released some maintenance as Certifying Staff (CS)?

Can the airworthiness review certificate (ARC) of the large aircraft be extended during the extensive maintenance/long term storage?

CAMO 1 uses the anticipation when performing the airworthiness review or extension for 90 or 30 days correspondingly. After the issue or extension of the ARC, the aircraft is transferred during the anticipation period from CAMO 1 to CAMO 2. As the consequence CAMO 2 has solely continuously managed the aircraft for more than 12 months due to the term of the validity of the ARC accordingly being more than 12 month. Are the requirements of the M.A.901(b)(i) satisfied?

Is EASA Forms 1 required during the import of the aircraft in the EU?

Technical records

Is there any European requirement to maintain the back-to-birth traceability for any component fitted to an European aircraft?

What does the term “detailed maintenance records” mean?

Must the EASA Form 1 be kept for on-condition components ?

AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Programme)

What are the alleviations introduced by M.A.302(h) on the maintenance programme for General Aviation?

When does the interval for the next calendar aircraft maintenance check/task or the calendar interval for the next component check/overhaul starts?

When should I revise my Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP)?

Can a competent authority require the owner/ CAMO to include national requirements in the Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP), based on M.A.302(d)(i)?

How is it possible to escalate AMP task intervals?

What kind of alternative (other than escalation) or additional instructions can be introduced in the AMP?

CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation)

Quality manager for CAMO: Nomination, acceptance, qualification

Are deputy nominated persons required in CAMO?

Under which condition can a CAMO use the indirect approval procedure to amend AMP (Aircraft Maintenance Programme) task?

Do the maintenance contracts need to be submitted for the approval to the competent authorities after Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1536 applies?

Does the CAMO quality system need to be subject to monitoring?