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Ramp-Up – Be Ready, Stay Safe Campaign


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency is pleased to launch its “BE READY and STAY SAFE” campaign, which has been developed with a range of industry partners to support a coordinated and collaborative approach to ensure that we can “BE READY and STAY SAFE” as aviation traffic ramps up again in the coming months.

The interconnected nature of aviation relies on organisations working together seamlessly. The more we can align our start-up strategies, the better we can ensure the safe delivery of services by focussing on the important actions and behaviours.

At the heart of the campaign are a set of key safety messages for organisations to consider during the ramp-up. We have developed a package for each of the operational domains; ATM/ANS Providers, Air Operators, Cabin Safety, Aerodromes and Maintenance. This provides a concise summary of ramp-up resources and information on the most important safety issues for each domain as well as specific actions that organisations can take. This package is provided with no branding, so that you can add your own logos and use it easily within your organisation – find out more and download the materials from the “BE READY and STAY SAFE” Campaign pages on the EASA Air Ops Community Site.

Over the coming weeks, EASA will host two key events that will support our industry in these challenging times. On June 8-10, 2021 the EASA SAFE360 conference will focus on the most important safety issues, discussing the challenges we face together as an industry and identifying practical solutions. This will be followed on June 21-24, 2021 with Ramp-Up Safety Week where we will turn our attention to the actions we can take to manage safely over the coming months, as we return to skies in greater numbers. 

Use the campaign materials along with the discussions at the upcoming events to hold positive safety conversations across your organisation.