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Workshop “Weather information provided to pilots”


EASA-room 04/049


Weather hazards have always been a challenge to aviators. In particular recent incidents and accidents where prevailing weather conditions are considered a contributing factor in the causal chain raised concerns and corresponding safety recommendations have been addressed to EASA by the investigating authorities.

During the past decades considerable efforts have been invested in research and development of mitigating measures concerning weather phenomena. There is still room for further development and deployment of novel technologies to make the aviation system even less vulnerable to extreme weather events.

EASA is organising a workshop dedicated to “Weather Information provided to pilots”. This workshop is intended to assess the potential for aviation safety benefits that could result from providing enhanced weather information essentially to pilots in the cockpit.

The draft Agenda will be constantly updated as topics and speakers are confirmed.

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Accommodation and Travel arrangements

Participants need to take care of their accommodation and travel arrangements individually.
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For any questions regarding this event, please contact:

  • Werner Kleine-Beek, EASA Research Project Officer at werner.kleine-beek [at]
  • Chaouki Chabbi, EASA Deputy Head of Aircrew & Medical Department at chaouki.chabbi [at]