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Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe - (SAFE)

Date & time
Day 1, 13/05/2019, 12:00 - 18:00
Day 2, 14/05/2019, 09:30 - 18:00
Day 3, 15/05/2019, 09:30 - 18:00

Description of event
Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe – SAFE 360° is an innovative conference format that provides the audience with an all-round multi-sectorial picture of the safety issues, a focused examination of key risk areas and a toolbox of potential mitigations. 

While safety issues may be complex, the challenge is to understand the shared risks from the perspective of the different actors in the aviation system. Mitigations enacted at the organisational level may not provide the complete solution.  Additionally, solutions may result in risk transference to other stakeholders and activities. SAFE 360° will give stakeholders a broader perception of the combined safety risk picture.  SAFE 360° will deliver a multi-domain perspective that considers an array of solutions and broadens the overall understanding of possible mitigations. The approach is designed to inspire us all to examine the approaches that we apply, and search for improved synergies and methods. 

The conference begins at lunchtime on 13 May 2019. The first day will visit the different strategic views, discuss the top-safety risks and balance those views with possible collaborative mitigations. The second and third days, while thematically different, will follow a similar rhythm. 360° discussions on runway incursion and lithium batteries will be followed by breakout sessions on occurrence reporting and flight data monitoring on day 2. Day 3 will concentrate on ground safety with a further FDM break-out session.

SAFE 360° will support the European Safety Management System, the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) and complement the Data4Safety initiative.

SAFE is only open to aviation professionals in the commercial fixed wing operation domain, coming from Regulators, Manufacturers, Flight Crew, ATM/ ANSPs, Engineers, Airports, Ground Handling and Research Organisations. 
In case of doubt on your participation eligibility, please contact SAFE [at]

Terms of participation
SAFE 360° is an open exchange of ideas where speakers and participants shall abide by Just Culture principles. 

It is therefore required that all the participants and speakers commit themselves to respecting the following terms of the charter of conduct governing every interaction that will take place during SAFE 360°:

  1. All information is property of the presenting organisation.
  2. The information shared will by no means be used for any commercial, competitive or punitive purpose.
  3. The information presented to the participants will not be shared with external parties without the clear and written consent of the owner. 
  4. It is not allowed to record (audio or video) or take photographs of presentations.
  5. Anyone not following the terms for participation to SAFE may be asked to leave the event.

Registration is now closed.

Cancellations and Refund Policy
Cancellations shall be made in writing by 29 April 2019 to SAFE [at] and will incur a 25% non-refundable administrative fee per cancelled registration - Refunds will be processed after the event. 

Delegates who request a cancellation after 29 April 2019 or delegates who fail to attend the event without prior notice are liable for the full attendance fee. 

The attendance fee will not be prorated should delegates not attend the entire event.
Hotel accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the registration fee. Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements and hotel accommodation. EASA is not able to cover either of these costs.  

Special arrangements have been made for SAFE 360° participants with Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace. For further details please contact the Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace directly on their SAFE 360° reservation site

Alternatively, participants to SAFE 360° are free to arrange their own accommodation as they please.

For any queries concerning SAFE 360°, please contact:  
SAFE [at]