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2014 EASA Annual Safety Conference

Towards simpler, lighter, better rules for General Aviation

EASA’s Annual Safety Conference has a long standing tradition, every year addressing a different safety topic. As part of EASA’s re-energised focus on General Aviation, the 2014 EASA Safety Conference focuses on this topic; and in particular the Agency’s  ongoing efforts towards creating a simpler, lighter, better regulatory framework for General Aviation.

The conference opened on Wednesday 15 October by Mr Grant V Shapps, UK Minister and Member of Parliament, as well as Chairman of the British Conservative Party.

The two day conference had more than 350 attendants, representing 250 organisations from 30 countries. It was one of the biggest conferences on General Aviation to be conducted in Europe with more than 50 speakers related to GA from associations, industry and authorities. During the conference a series of Panel Discussions took place, addressing a range of important themes including Pilot Licencing, Airworthiness for small aircraft and other elements of EASA’s GA Roadmap. The panels provided a forum for fruitful discussion, with the participation of a varied group of speakers drawn from all areas of the General Aviation Community including, Regulators, Clubs & Associations and Industry. The conference closed with Patrick Ky expressing the  6 Commitments of EASA to the rest of the GA community.

The discussions during the conference focused on the need to have proportional rules. Patrick Ky said ‘We are creating a more proportionate framework, focusing on safety culture, safety promotion and common sense! We are in the start of the process and I believe we are on the right path. During the conference we showed the first concrete results of our determination and used the opportunity to listen and discuss with the whole General Aviation community’. For the future he said ‘in 6 months we will give the next progress report at the AERO 2015 exhibition’.

You can access all the Panel presentations and the Agenda from the Download box on the right. For further information about the conference you can contact ilias.maragakis [at]