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What are the responsibilities relevant to pre-flight inspection?


The pre-flight inspection forms part of the essential requirements for air operation, as required in Annex V (point 6.2) of the ‘Basic Regulation’ (Regulation (EU) 2018/1139). Being relevant to the aircraft’s fitness for the intended flight, this essential requirement is implemented by the Commission Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 for continuing airworthiness in the following way:






Carry out pre-flight inspection satisfactorily

Pilot-in-command or, in case of Licensed Air Carrier, a qualified staff under the responsibility of the operator (e.g. maintenance staff - see note)



Ensure pre-flight inspection is carried out

Owner or CAMO (according to M.A.201)


Ensure pre-flight inspection includes the actions necessary to ensure that the aircraft is fit to carry out the intended flight

AMC M.A.301(1) point(1) and (2) elaborates those actions

If a/c managed by CAMO: Provide training to ensure that pre-flight inspection is carried out adequately [AMC M.A.301(1) point (3)]


Pre-flight inspection training described in the CAME in part 1.11 [‘Appendix V to AMC M.A.704’]

Additional information:



If a/c managed by CAMO:
Ensure pre-flight inspection is subject to the quality system
[AMC M.A.301(1) point (3)]


This is important because the pre-flight inspection contributes in feeding the process of aircraft continuing airworthiness


As per the definition of ‘maintenance’ in article 2 point(h) of Commission Regulation (EU) 1321/2014, ‘pre-flight inspection’ (as defined in article 2(j)) is not considered maintenance. Therefore it does not require a certificate of release to service [M.A.201(d)].

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