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Where can I obtain information about Alternative Methods of Compliance (AMOC) to ADs?

Can EASA provide the service information referenced in an AD?

How can I identify an AD as being a State of Design AD?

Am I required to comply with ADs published on the EASA website?

Where can I find a State of Design AD issued before 28 September 2003 (start date of EASA) if it is not in the Safety Publications Tool?

What are the applicable ADs in EASA Member States (European Union and some associated countries) for a specific product, part or appliance?

Are Foreign State of Design (non-EASA Member States) ADs that are not available in the Safety Publishing Tool applicable in Europe?

Can the information provided on EASA's FAQ be considered as legally binding?

What are the applicable ‘State of Design’ ADs for CFM International (CFM56, LEAP-1) engines?