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Environmental Research - Market-based Measures

The objectives

AERO-MS is a tool that can examine the environmental and economic impacts of a wide range of policies intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international and domestic aviation. Policies include technological, operational and market-based measures. 

The objective of this framework contract is to update, enhance and validate the European modelling capabilities such that they can support the assessment of costs and benefits for a wide range of future policy assessments. This includes the capability to assess diverse aviation environmental policy options based on an accurate characterisation of the aviation industry (e.g. aircraft technology, categories of operators with their respective route networks, capacity constraints, etc.) and the capability to interface with other databases and models.

The main tasks and deliverables

Within this framework contract, the following tasks are planned:

  • Review of the state of the art relating to the aviation environmental policy assessment;
  • Enhancement and extension of the AERO-MS policy assessment methodologies;
  • Enhancement and update of the AERO-MS data and data structure;
  • Implementation of the enhanced methodologies and data into a standalone, PC-based software application;
  • In-depth validation of the new software application; 
  • Training sessions on the new software application.