Guidelines for the transport of cargo in passenger aircraft

exemptions under Article 71(1) of Regulation 2018/1139

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has updated its guidelines to support issuance of exemptions for the transport of cargo in passenger compartments.

The update addresses the feedback received as well as the technical content in order to provide differentiated aspects depending on the kind of cargo to be transported. 

Issue 3 addresses in particular the following elements:

  • No need for a design approval when an exemption is sought, however, technical data from a DOA might support the exemption application;
  • Clarification on the re-classification to Minor Change only with EASA concurrence;
  • Limitation of such Minor Change approval to aircraft registered in EASA or EFTA states, unless specifically recognised by the State of Registry;
  • Clarification on suitable considerations/mitigations in particular when only medical supplies are transported.

EASA will continue to support its partner authorities and operators in the related technical assessments, in particular when in parallel a related certification project has been started.

Please note that this publication was superseded by  a more recent version.