Extention of the validity of third-country licenses in non-commercial operations

The validity of pilot licenses and aeromedical certificates issued by non-EU countries for non-commercial-operation of aircraft is planned to be extended until 8 April 2019 in the EASA Member States which choose to permit so.

Pilots holding a licence and an aeromedical certificate issued by a third country (for example the USA) are still allowed to use their licences for non-commercial-operation of aircraft in those EASA Member States which elected to permit so, based on a so-called ‘opt-out’ – provision in the Aircrew Regulation. The European Commission, EASA and the Member States have planned to extend the validity period of this opt-out (currently until 8 April 2017) until 8 April 2019.

Pilots holding such a third country licence are advised to contact their national aviation authorities in order to receive further information on the individual use of the said opt-out by their Member States.

More information on opt-out provisions