EASA releases for consultation its first usable guidance for Level 1 machine learning applications

In line with the first major milestone of the EASA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roadmap 1.0, this concept paper presents a first set of objectives for Level 1 Artificial Intelligence (‘assistance to human’), in order to anticipate future EASA guidance and requirements for safety-related machine learning (ML) applications. It covers only an initial set of AI/ML techniques and will be enriched with other advanced techniques, as the EASA AI Roadmap is implemented.

The goal of this document is twofold:

  • to allow applicants to have an early visibility on the possible expectations of EASA with respect to the implementation of AI/ML solutions.
  • to establish a baseline for Level 1 AI applications that will be further refined for Level 2 and Level 3 AI applications.

It is now open for a 10 week consultation period. 

Please do not hesitate to download the comments response document (CRD) below and provide any comments to ai [at] easa.europa.eu by June 30, 2021 midnight (CEST).